50th High School Reunion 2020

I know, I know...how could that possibly be?? That sounds like something our parents would attend!  But back to reality, we might start thinking about a plan.  Sid snd I recently soent some time at the Hangar Hotel: http://hangarhotel.com in Fredericksburg.  It just sems like the perfect place to have a party and their are plenty of options of places to stay with varying price points.  Carol & Gilbert Williams have volunteered to help be point person on this, but I thought we'd do a survey first to see what the response is.  I know there a few who wonder why we aren't having it in Denver City, but it just seems to me that the places to stay and the venues for events are very limited. We will stay away from the Homecoming date, so those who wish to go to DC can still do that.

So please help us by taking a few minutes to answer a few Questions...

Judy & Carol and Gilbert


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1)   Do you plan to attend the 50th High School Reunion Celebration in 2020?

Yes No
2)   Is the Hangar Hotel an acceptable venue?

Yes No
3)   If the Hangar Hotel is not acceptable, please make a venue suggestion...

4)   What time of year would you prefer?

  Spring 2020
  Summer 2020
  Fall 2020
5)   It has been suggested that we include the classes of 1969 and 1971, would that be acceptable?

Yes No
6)   What its the maximum you would be willing to spend per person for the event—meal, meeting place (excluding hotel)?

7)   Any comments?