Billy Yarbrough

Profile Updated: May 20, 2010
Residing In: Breckenridge, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Vinnie Brooks
Occupation: L P Gas Sales and Service
Children: Paige , Erica, Nathon, Jason
Yes! Attending Reunion

I was born in D C, the 2nd baby in the hospital. My cousin Biff Hatfield was the first, but my mom said I was the cutest.(just kidding biff). I have the most wonderful memories of growing up in D C like the bicycle trails between my house on 10th and Siebert’s & Wolf’s at the Shell camp. There were some great kids on my block Vickie, Amanda and Jeff Falkenberry. Anne, Biff an Ricky Hatfield. David Burgess, David Walls, Pam and Donnie Parker, Dennis an Donna Chamberlin, Carol Bowen, Pam and David Chriswell, Dwayne, Sharon, Sherry, Dwight and Dale Taylor, Bobby and Philip Barr, and oh yeah my sister Melinda, gee, no wonder the sewer was always plugged. My sister and her husband Danny Phipps live in Breckenridge, they own a R V park on Lake Hubbard.
I will never forget the day Arzell Sellers invited me and Curtis Attaberry to his house for the day, my mom said no because I needed shoes, we had to go to Hobbs because I had weird feet. When we got home, I remember Rita Merle Pealer came in the back door and said, Curtis had been killed trying to get a rabbit out of a pipe. My mother grabbed me and held me for a week. Curtis was a good friend of mine, I still have his ring his dad gave me. Curtis had great parents and sister, Anita. I remember his dad, Bill, had a horse shoe print on his head. He had been kicked by a mule when he was little. Mr Attaberry taught Sunday school at our church and we would stare at his head and think, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch.
Anyway, after graduation from D C I went to New Mexico Jr College. where I cherish the great educitional experience. Next I went to Texas Tech where I started out with McKee and Mead in a new apt, ( LORD HELP ME ) well they left after a few months and my good friend Bill Richards moved in ( LORD I really mean it this time). I was sure we were being watched by the FBI, Bill had just got home from Nam where drugs were free. Anyway by the end of the year Bill had some girl from Plains, Tx. move in and Taylor got me a job at Martin Meter so back to D C I went. Mr. and Mrs. Martin were great people. Can you imagine me and Dwayne working for you. That’s not all, Holly Clark, Mike Allumbaugh’s first wife was the secretary and Duck Ward, Janice’s dad, was the shop foreman. Holly didn't last long so Gay Trout came to work there, now Martin had the perfect team to work for him. Gay and I became good friends and I have great memories of her. I learned a lot from Duck and Martin, I still use those skills today.
I went to work for Mobil out in Russell field, I was there a couple of years then I got a lease job out by the golf course. The guy who had the lease next to me was Jimmy P. Massey. Jimmy and his wife Brenda became the best friends a person could ever ask for, they were straight and true and would do anything to help you. Brenda use to say, I don't know who I'm married to, those two are never apart. Well I left D C in 79 and we drifted apart, but I truly love and miss them.
Mobil transferred me to Breckenridge, Tx. And that is where I met my wife Vinnie, she had just moved there from Seagraves. Vinnie is originally from D C and Seagraves. Vinnie’s cousin is Jackie Folsom, and I remember seeing Vinnie with Jackie but I never met her until Breckenridge. We have four children, forgot where we got them, but we are going to keep them. My oldest daughter Paige lives in Breckenridge, her husband is Vice-President of Texas State Tech College, they have five children, twin girls, Hailey and Taylor 17, Nocona 12, Kutter 7, and Tana 5. Paige can do anything and everything. I don't even ask what she has going on any more because she is so busy. I just love the kids when I get a chance. Our youngest daughter Erica is in Breckenridge too and is a great athlete, she went to state when she was a freshman in Iowa Park, in three events. Well, we wore out a couple of cars following that girl around. Her Sr. year in Ardmore Ok, they won state in girls basketball and Erica was voted most valuable player. Erica decided to go to Baylor and play ball, on a full scholarship. She blew out her knee and ended up playing and graduating from ACU in Abilene. Gee that sounded easy, I remember it being a lot harder than that.
Erica has one child, a boy, 2 years old, his name is Dax Vaughn Sherwood, I tried to get her to name him Billy, hey, what’s wrong with that? If I don't make it to the reunion you will know Dax Vaughn can't be without his BeBo and ya’ll will have to come to Breckenridge to see me. Anyway Erica’s husband, Jef Sherwood, is a graphic designer, his company is called Monkey Boy Graphix, he is multi talented. They also own Texas Funwear which is screenprinting and embroidery. Erica designs childrens clothes and has great ideas for the business. Our twin sons Jason and Nathon, live in Houston, Jason builds houses and Nathon sells them. Neither one is married, Jason is engaged to a wonderful girl from Hawaii, and that union is to happen in July. Anyway, from Breckenridge we moved to Iowa Park and then to Ardmore, Ok. where I retired from Mobil. We moved back to Breckenridge and started an Ostrich ranch, and now we have deer and dogs and kids and cows, and still one ostrich, just to remind me how smart I am. Ha ha. We also own the L P Gas company, my son-in -law gave me the motto “WE GIVE YOU GAS”, But I haven’t put it on my trucks yet, for some reason.
Well D C was the best , there will always be a place in my heart for family and friends of Denver City.

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Billy Yarbrough has a birthday today.
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Billy Yarbrough has a birthday today.
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Billy Yarbrough has a birthday today.
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Billy Yarbrough has a birthday today.
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Billy Yarbrough has a birthday today.
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Billy Yarbrough has a birthday today.
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